Top 10 places to visit in America

Nell Walker
- Top 10 - Jun 19, 2017

10. The Emerald Coast, Florida

The Emerald Coast – so named for the sparkling green colour of the water – is the unofficial moniker of the 100-mile stretch of beach along the Gulf of Mexico which has swelled in popularity recently. Known for its cookie-cutter pastel homes, fine sand, and eco-friendly planned communities, this slice of the United States acted as the backdrop for the hit movie The Truman Show, and has since become a popular family holiday destination. Its clean, bright, all-American beauty must be seen to be believed.

9. Denver, Colorado

The most populous municipality in Colorado, Denver boasts an enviable combination of stylish bars and eateries with a backdrop of exhilarating mountain-based activities. It is the highest major city in the US, and was last year named the best place to live in America by US News & World Report. With increasing numbers and varieties of outdoor activities to take part in (including a new Ski Train which runs from downtown to Winter Park), plus craft breweries and indie restaurants dotted all over the city, it’s clear to see why Denver has become so fashionable.

8. Texas Hill Country’s wine region

Texas’s long history of wine production stems from this area, and has surprisingly been producing the beverage since the 1650s. There are over 36 members of the Vitis grape vine family grown here, and the area is expanding all the time, spreading further into the glorious countryside. Dripping Springs holds a Wine and Food Festival that is well worth a visit, combining the famed grapes with Texan comfort food and the great music for which the state is known. A must for lovers of food and drink everywhere.

7. The Adirondacks, New York

The Adirondack Mountains form the basis of this stunning area, nestled in the northeast of Upstate New York. The Adirondack area is made up of a roughly circular dome of peaks, and is dotted with lush forests, lakes, and wildlife. It began growing in popularity in the closing years of the 1800s, swiftly losing its reputation as a forbidding no-man’s land, and thanks to excellent park management and preservation, it remains intensely popular for all kinds of people.

6. Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta has long been a center of commerce for the United States, as well as being known for its progressive views compared with other parts of the south. It contains the busiest airport in the world, and has earned its status as a transportation hub for south-eastern America. A naturally heavy flow of tourism has only expanded what the city has to offer, adding to the beautiful rolling hills and lush forests art, technology, and entertainment; Atlanta is officially rated as a city which has significant impact on all of these things, plus media, education, and finance.

5. Flathead Valley, Montana

This north-western expanse of Montana features some of the most majestic mountains in the country, and lies just west of the legendary Glacier National Park. Everything is huge in Flathead Valley, including the lake and the bears, and there are countless outdoor pursuits to enjoy, among which are hiking, skiing, rafting, and world-renowned trout fishing.

4. Low Desert, California

Well known for the annual music and arts festival that occurs in Coachella Valley, the Low Desert area also boasts many national parks and wildlife refuges which protect the scorching environment and draw in the nature-lovers. For those looking for a bit of civilisation, the main town here is Palm Springs, which is filled with stylish holiday homes, fashionable hotels, and vintage stores, ensuring something for everyone.

3. Lincoln, Nebraska

In stark contrast to the Low Desert, Lincoln stands as a metropolitan beacon amidst a distinctly rustic surrounding. It is the second most populous city in Nebraska, filled with unique stores, art galleries, a huge farmer’s market, and a youthful, stylish vibe thanks to the large student population. The city has a history of being a haven for refugees, and as such has a diverse population adding to its rich culture.

2. Western Washington

Pushed into the spotlight by the popularity of Twin Peaks in the early 1990s, Western Washington is best known for its almost eerie-looking mist-dusted mountains and the wealth of culture found within its cities. The region covers all of Washington that sits west of the Cascade Mountains, and contains the largest city in the state – Seattle. There are areas of outstanding natural beauty dotted all over the region, and Seattle itself boasts some of the most stylish bars, restaurants, and music venues around.

1. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville has been a haven for artists and creatives for decades, which of course has led to a steady increase in galleries, live music venues, craft alcohol stores, and indie restaurants. The place has a relaxed and rustic feel, particularly so if you’re in the mood to take a boat on the French Broad River or hike across the Blue Ridge Mountains. Asheville’s reputation as a unique, eclectic center of entertainment and charm is well-founded and blossoming all the time, making it the perfect pick for the top place to visit in America this year.

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