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Text messaging a viable form of communication

Text Messaging Turns 20

A technology that has revolutionized modern communication, the text message reaches two decades

Globalgig Eliminates International Data Roaming Charges

When traveling for business or pleasure, Globalgig makes sure you can access the Internet via your smartphone for low monthly prices
iPhone 5 credit:Endgadget

Apple Introduces the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has new and exciting upgrades including a larger screen, better WiFi, an improved camera and more
The Smartest New Smart Technology

The Smartest New Smart Technology

From "smart underwear" to Adidas' "intelligent football boots," our technology is getting smarter than most of us ever even imagined. Here's a look at some of the latest developments and an analysis of what's to come
Google Nexus 7 vs. the Rest of the Best

Google Nexus 7 vs. the Rest of the Best (Infographic)

To celebrate yesterday's Google Nexus 7 announcement, we're sharing a handy graphic that compares it to the most popular tablets on the market
Microsoft Reveals Surface Tablet—Take That, iPad!

Microsoft Reveals Surface Tablet--Take That, iPad!

Microsoft's Surface gives the company's devotees plenty of reason to proudly proclaim; "I'm a PC."
Nokia cuts 10,000 jobs

Nokia Cuts 10,000 Jobs and Streamlines Operations

For the second year in a row, the Finnish cellphone maker plans job cuts and a variety of operational adjustments to cut costs and regain market share
Samsung Galaxy S3 U.S. Release Date Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S III U.S. Release Date Revealed

Samsung's flagship phone will be available at five major wireless carriers later this month
How dependent are we?

Mobile Dependence and the Modern Business Traveler (Infographic)

An infographic from PC Housing shows that our growing dependence on technology might be more of a hindrance to our workflows than we thought
iPad Prototype Sells for $10,200 on eBay

iPad Prototype Sells for $10,200 on eBay

The 'likely stolen' device, which features two dock connectors instead of one, sold for the price of over 20 new iPads
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