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The Beck Group

A Leader in Full Service Design Build Services

Laura Clapper

The Beck Group has earned a strong reputation as a quality builder offering award-winning design and innovative technology
A Leader in Full Service Design Build Services

For nearly a century, c has been a leading builder in the Southeastern United States, earning a strong reputation for quality work and customer service. Though it was founded in 1912 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Beck moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas in 1924. The company has district offices in Atlanta, Dallas and Tampa, with additional offices in Austin, Denver, and Fort Worth as well as an international construction business in Mexico.

The Beck Group merged with Urban Architecture in 1999, allowing the company to expand its portfolio into design. Since the merger, the Beck Group has developed architectural services in each of its offices, building a solid reputation for high quality design build work both in the United States and abroad. “Our focus has been integration, or design build, to provide one point of contact for the client in which we can develop the building,” says Rick del Monte, managing director and ) of Beck.


According to del Monte, what sets Beck apart from its competition is its commitment to the integration of design and construction. “We integrate far beyond what most people would consider design build,” he says.

The Beck Group invests in cross-training its employees to thrive on both the design and construction sides of the business—architects are trained to work on the construction side and builders are trained on the design side.

“We try to develop integrated teams that have a holistic view of the project,” he says. “We want to always present a design build project where the quality of the design always matches the quality of the construction that we’re known for,” he says.


“We’ve become very prominent in terms of completing large fast growing churches,” says Rick del Monte.

The Beck Group has designed and built (churches throughout Texas and the United States. These churches caught the attention of a Korean group in search of a company to design an American-style Church in Korea.

“They visited churches around the country and the ones they liked happened to be the ones we designed,” explains del Monte.

The Beck Group has completed several churches in Korea, the first of which reached completion in 2005.

“Since we finished that project, we’ve received a lot of publicity and recognition for it and then have started picking up additional large church projects as well as five or six small office buildings, industrial complex projects and dormitories,” he says.


In 1992, CEO Peter Beck began to search for a software platform that would meet the company’s technological needs throughout each phase of the project—from the initial pricing to project completion. Beck stumbled upon a software platform called Sonata and brought it back from the United Kingdom, where the company further developed it to fit its needs.

“We’re into technology,” says Rick del Monte. “We’re fascinated by what we can accomplish and what we can save.”

The Beck Group utilizes third party software, such as Revit, NavisWorks and Innovaya, and has developed DProfiler, a 3d BIM program that provides real time pricing for conceptual modeling.

This innovative platform has led to other opportunities for Beck as well. A consulting group was created to provide D-Profiler models for 3D cost estimating to a variety of clients, including government agencies.


“Our subcontractors and consultants are key partners,” says del Monte.

In order to complete projects on time and within budget, Beck develops close relationships with its subcontractors. Subcontractors complete surveys on a regular basis. These surveys offer Beck insight into important issues for the subcontractors as well as how it ranks as compared to other general contractors or architects with whom the subs work.

“It’s keeping in touch with them and developing long-term relationships,” he says.

Beck develops strong relationships with clients as well. Multiple times during the duration of a project, clients submit scorecards for each project to rank satisfaction. According to del Monte, the bonuses of the employees and partners are based on the results of these scorecards.

“In this economy, we’ve tried to stay very close to our best clients and continue to provide them with service,” he says.


“As we move forward, we see our biggest growth in the acceptance of integration,” says del Monte. “Design build is becoming a more acceptable delivery process and one that a lot of people are talking about.”

According to del Monte, this growth is tied in with its opportunities in technology.

“When you take a building information model and everything in it, everybody realizes that if you don’t have an integrated process you can’t carry the information forth, from design to construction to facilities management,” he explains. “We’ll continue the investment that we’ve made in technology and continue to push to improve the integrated process and try and differentiate ourselves from other people who are moving into the integrated services arena.”


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