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Millennium Mats

Millennium Mats Meets Customers' Needs Through Ongoing Product Development

Emily Butcher

Millennium Mats manufactures high quality products with an innovative approach to continuous improvement
Millennium Mats Meets Customers' Needs Through Ongoing Product Development

Established as an industrial floor mat manufacturer in 1997, Millennium Mat’s values and initiatives have allowed the company to not only provide the highest quality products and customer service, but also to pursue new business opportunities.


Headquartered in Suwanee, Georgia, with an additional warehouse facility in Dalton and a U.K. plant managing overseas distribution, Millennium Mats has experienced consistent, sustainable growth in recent years. Millennium currently runs three related companies, Guardian Floor Protection, the company’s brand-name product line, Fanmats, specially manufactured for major sports teams, and MPower, a real-time data gathering system.


Employee Empowerment


Driving Millennium Mat’s success is a mantra that has been an integral part of the company from day one. “What is important to us here, what our owner and founder put in place since the beginning, is to encourage people to provide input to their jobs and think about how they can really improve their jobs,” says General Manager Matt Williams.


Establishing a CEO Program, department heads’ titles have been changed from “team lead” to “CEO,” in order to “empower our team leads to be almost like an owner of the business,” says Williams. “The idea is to push down the authority for making decisions and trying to run the business to the people that really know how to run the business and are carrying out these operations on a day-to-day basis. It’s eliminated a lot of the bureaucracy that’s apparent in other companies.”


As a result, the program has not only given employees a voice and improved workplace morale, but also improved efficiency and communication throughout various departments.


Millennium Mat’s Commitment to Customers


Improved efficiency allows Millennium Mats to make quality assurance an ongoing priority. “One of our strengths is the quality of our manufacturing processes,” says Williams. “The systems we have in place enable us to do a good job maintaining and controlling quality throughout the plant.”


Another foundation originally outlined by Millennium Mat’s founder, Ian Malpass, fuels the company’s advantage over competitors in the field. “Our President is one of the most innovative leaders I know,” says Williams. “Looking at the product development we do, we really focus on continuous innovation in trying to improve the quality of the product.”


While improving existing products, Millennium Mat’s focus on innovation has led to a diversification of the company’s scope and led to promising new business opportunities.


An Ongoing Focus on Technology


Arguably Millenium’s most exciting new development, MPower grew from the company’s aim to track data in real-time in order to improve efficiency during daily operations at its own plant. A control room was set up to view video from cameras placed throughout the facility, leading to better problem solving and increased output.


After a customer visiting the plant expressed interest in the system, “We realized there was a void in a lot of companies we deal with,” says Jim Kozel, Business Development Manager with MPower. “We now offer this service to bring the technology to them, to enable businesses to see their processes, review real-time data on what’s going right and wrong, and give the floor feedback and information on what their teams are manufacturing.”


MPower’s unique service is the first of its kind. “The way we couple the technology with cameras, with live monitoring, where we have somebody physically watching those cameras, no other company provides that,” says Kozel.


MPower’s strength lies in the fact that the numbers literally speak for themselves. “Everyone is always skeptical about consulting companies and is hesitant to think they’ll really get a return on their investment,” Kozel explains. “One of the nice things about measuring their processes is we’re then able to measure what we brought to the table. That way we’re held accountable for what we’re seeing and the customers are enjoying the benefits.”


As the lingering effects of the recession continue to make potential customers wary, MPower offers customers the advantage of purchasing their service for a monthly fee, avoiding large set-up costs.


“Capital projects are tough to get off the ground right now. Since we do it as a service without that huge capital outlay, that’s a phenomenal customer plus,” says Kozel. “And again, we’re the only ones that do that.”


Sustainability and the Future of Millennium Mats


In order to lessen their impact on the environment while continuing to grow the business, Millennium Mats has undertaken a number of sustainable measures. Rubber and carpet trimmings are reused and recycled and green products including TrafficMaster tiles and the EcoGuard mat are made of more than 85 percent recycled materials.


In order to retain a position of leadership in the manufacturing industry, Millennium Mats will continue to expand its scope of operation, expanding warehouses and plants in upcoming years. Excellent customer service will continue to serve as a backbone of the company’s business.


“I think the most important thing we provide to customers is to be able to come out with better and better products year after year,” Williams concludes. “We will continue to make our customers happy and give them what they need.”

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