Press Releases Reveals the Worst Brands of 2013

The brand specialists at count down the most disreputable companies of 2013.
PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 30, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lists of the most reputable and prestigious brands are common, and are usually topped by highly-regarded enterprises such as, FedEx, Disney, or BMW--brands that are widely trusted and even beloved among American consumers. According to, however, it is also instructive for consumers and companies to identify some of the worst brands, and to consider how the mistakes made by these brands might be remedied. has issued a new statement to the press, listing a few of its choices for the worst brands of 2013.

"What makes for a bad brand?" asks president Michael Zammuto, in the company's press statement. "There are many factors, but what it comes down to is usually a matter of companies failing to regulate and control the way they are perceived by the public. Branding is all about seizing control of your story--and some companies just do not do this well."

Zammuto notes one company--American Insurance Group (AIG)--that has been routinely perceived as disreputable, ever since it accepted a large government bailout simply to stay afloat. Though the company has come to tout the fact that it has returned all of the money to the government, with interest, it remains widely maligned. "This is a classic example of a company failing to change the story when it needs to," Zammuto says. "The bailout money is a huge part of the reason why consumers lost confidence in this company, yet it continues to dwell on this point in all of its PR endeavors. It would be more prudent for AIG to shift focus to what it does well, and to the value it can offer to consumers."

Goldman Sachs is another brand that Zammuto says is daring badly. "This is one of the least trusted companies in the country, according to survey after survey, with the general consensus being that Goldman Sachs just does not act in the interest of consumers," the president notes. "It falls to Goldman Sachs to correct that perception, and to emphasize its customer-centeredness and its integrity in its future marketing materials."

Not all of the brands chosen by are in finance or insurance. Oil company Halliburton is another brand that the company holds in dubious distinction. "This company got bad press during the Bush Administration and never really did anything to overcome it," says Zammuto. "Now, the company is associated with fracking, a practice that's wildly controversial." continues by noting that while some brands are tarnished by the way they treat their customers, some are damaged by the way they treat their employees. American Airlines is one example. "This company has received publicity for cutting jobs and slashing employee pay, and it has also engaged in some truly dubious public communications."

Zammuto concludes by listing a final, unsurprising choice--Paula Deen. "More than just a single chef, she is really a culinary brand unto herself, but it's a brand that has obviously become damaged in recent months," he says. provides brand repair and enhancement services to brands of all kinds, in all verticals.

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