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Closing the gender wage gap

[FULL REPORT] White House minimum wage hike will help close the gender pay gap

The White House released a report on Wednesday making the case that raising the wage floor would benefit women in particular and help close the gender wage gap
Warren Buffett launches the Billion Dollar Bracket

Could you beat Warren Buffett's Billion Dollar Bracket?

Could this March Madness be your luckiest yet? If you win Warren Buffett's Billion Dollar Bracket it certainly would be
San Diego named number one US city for startups

The top US cities to launch a startup in 2014

Business Review USA takes a look at the top US cities to launch a startup in 2014 and asks what to look for when decidin where to launch your small business
Make sure the make the most of your tax returns

How to maximize your small business tax returns today

Is your business getting the best possible tax deductions?
Are you using the best phone option for your business?

Is your business dialled into the right phone system?

It may sound obvious but having the right phone system for your business is essential
Is Obamacare a ticking time bomb?

Is Obamacare a ticking time bomb for some businesses?

The implementation of Obamacare has meant a big change for many businesses and it's not just the small companies that are potentially being hurt. Numerous businesses in several industries are feeling the burden
The car loan industry in the US in booming

The US car loan industry enjoys booming demand

Powered by continued strength in U.S. auto sales in 2014, the car loan business is expected to enjoy another year of robust growth
Financial challenges facing SMEs in 2014

Financial challenges facing small businesses in 2014

The economy is growing, but that growth has been slow - and it's got many small business owners understandably concerned about obstacles they'll have to face in the coming year
The rise of Bitcoin

The rise of Bitcoin

Despite the fact that many governments throughout the world refuse to acknowledge Bitcoin as a proper form of currency, even China going so far as to ban it altogether, a number of economists are urging such detractors and unbelievers to reconsider
Video conferencing could save your business money

Video conferencing could save your business money

In an economy that remains somewhat fragile and tentative, the appeal of video conferencing is hard to resist, particularly now that the once-pricy technology is within the financial reach of almost every company

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