If you like the taste of whisky when socializing but don't want the alcohol, or the calories, take a look at the world's first, alcohol-free whisky-flavored drink.

Seen now on grocery store shelves by the name, ArKay, this golden substitute has the appearance, taste, and aroma of traditional whisky – and just like any shot, it can be served straight-up, on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers. It is not, however, de-alcoholized.

“It's produced with no alcohol at all in the first place,” says Sylvie Seguinaud in the Fort Lauderdale office of ArKay Beverages Inc. The difference is that de-alcoholized liquid may still contain fragments of alcohol, so it is not always the right answer for people with medical conditions, with certain religious beliefs, or with other personal reasons.”

No calories

Instead the ArKay process, she explained, has no maturation and no fermentation, so there is never any alcohol. It is also calorie-free. Not only can you drink as much as you want and not get even slightly impaired, but men and women alike can drink as much as they want even if they are watching their weight. It's easy to choose a mixer with no calories too.

Seguinaud says it took five years of beverage industry research, surveys, and tastings to create a genuine whisky-flavored alternative for mass consumption. To date, the response from the public has been highly positive, she says, and the secret recipe for this whisky-replacement is in accordance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. This fall, ArKay Cola, a pre-mixed version will hit the shelves – and future spirit-flavored drinks are underway.



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The beverage is a promising answer for those who enjoy the taste of a drink, a shot, or a cocktail but can't do it due to personal responsibilities. Envision, for example, being able to enjoy several whisky-flavored drinks at a social gathering without the worry of driving home.

“For this reason alone we think our favorite slogan might catch on,” Seguinaud points out. “We say: Don't drink and drive, unless it's ArKay.”

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