Fed up with Business Travel? You're Not Alone

A new ON24 survey determines the nation's worst airport, conference destination and other business travel woes to try to avoid
 Fed up with Business Travel? You’re Not Alone


ON24, a top webcasting and virtual events organizer, surveyed 3,756 registrants of its annual VUE2011 virtual events conference about the state of business travel and unearthed some interesting (and somewhat dismal) opinions.

According to the survey, 92 percent of executives think that business travel is failing to improve and half of the respondents think that it’s actually getting worse.

As far as locations are concerned, survey participants said that Houston was the absolute worst city for conventions or trade shows and Los Angeles didn’t fare much better.

The five worst American cities for business travel were recorded as follows:

·         Houston – 49.3%

·         Los Angeles – 41.7%

·         Orlando – 37.5%

·         Miami – 33.3%

·         Chicago – 27.8%

The Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta was named the country’s worst, followed by Dulles in Washington D.C. and LAX.

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And the reasons respondents said they feel frustrated about business travel? The complaints varied, from winding up with the middle seat on a plane to security lines to traveling next to a sick person. Annoying children, arm rest hogs, snorers and overly amorous couples were also called out for their irritating behavior.

In addition, executives surveyed said that hotels present another round of concerns, including potential bed bugs, dirty linens and noisy guests.

We all know that conferences and events are a necessary part of keeping businesses afloat, but ON24 suggests that executives avoid the hassles of traveling altogether and instead opt for virtual events and meetings that allow everyone to stay put.

“These results demonstrate that virtual communication is more ‘in sync’ than physical events with how people today prefer to work,” said ON24 Chief Marketing Officer Denise Persson in a press release. “In today’s digital age, professionals increasingly prefer virtual events and webcasts to traveling to in-person events. Virtual event attendees can consume content conveniently and efficiently wherever they are—at their desks, on their laptops or with any mobile device. With virtual communication, there are no logistical barriers interfering with getting the information you need.”

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