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CG/LA Infrastructure
CG/LA Infrastructure

The North American infrastructure market is poised for take-off, ready to ride the way of three fundamental economic transformations. First, the explosion in energy production has given us a tremendous lift, with natural gas prices at less than $5 MMBtu less then 1/3 of our European and Asian competitors. Second, the tremendous growth in US exports is causing a re-design in our freight infrastructure (rail, ports, waterways, highways and intermodal facilities). Third, the increasing orientation toward transit-oriented communities - particularly among millennials - is creating driving new investments in urban mass transit (heavy rail, light rail and even streetcars) along with social infrastructure (schools and hospitals).


CG/LA Infrastructure, a global market maker focused on doubling the level of infrastructure investment focuses on identifying priority projects, and ensuring that those projects go forward optimally - as productively and rapidly as possible. Through our Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series and revolutionary online projects platform, GViP, CG/LA is bringing order, predictability and even imagination to the global infrastructure marketplace.


Strategic Project Identification

Norman Anderson, President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure and former project developer, founded the company to help countries and regions around the globe become more competitive and successful by making smart, robust investments decisions on strategic infrastructure projects and initiatives. Strategic project identification is the cornerstone of CG/LA’s global vision - bringing innovative leaders together from both the public and private sectors to focus on specific projects and push them rapidly forward to completion.  


CG/LA releases a quarterly market intelligence report, the Strategic Top 100, of the top infrastructure projects, with business opportunities in the next 3-18 months, in regions that complement the next Leadership Forum.  The Strategic Top 100 is the cornerstone on which the Infrastructure Leadership Forums are built.  The most recent report, The 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America list, shows what is actually required – in terms of financial and human resources – to rebuild the competitiveness of North America.  Projects were selected over a six-month process, beginning with a preliminary list of over 400 projects and narrowed down using CG/LA’s proprietary ranking model.  Comprised only of shovel-ready projects with business opportunities within the next 3-18 months, the 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America is valued at US$369 billion. 

The Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series

As a project developer, Norman saw firsthand that the key to both infrastructure project development and business success was leadership. And the Leadership Forum - whether the Global Forum, the North American Forum, the Bahrain/EMEA Forum or the Latin American Leadership Forum - identify and recognize the dedicated and sophisticated executives who develop the strategic infrastructure that defines their country's futures.


The Leadership Forum events are differentiators in the industry, gathering a community of 500+ experts around a dynamic projects marketplace. Forum events focus on 11 infrastructure sectors, from highways, to power generation to water & wastewater projects, convening a global community that includes decision makers from all aspects of a project lifecycle: financial lenders and investors, legal, design, engineering, and construction firms, as well as owner operators.  

Save the Date: 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Forum

On October 28-30, 2014, over 500 executives will gather at the 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Forum at the Mayflower Renaissance in Washington, DC to meet with the sponsors of the Strategic Top 100 infrastructure projects in North America ($369 billion in total project value).  


The North American Forum is a dynamic 2.5 day event, focused on infrastructure development in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, while facilitating business and promoting projects across the region.  Key Features of the leadership Forum include:  

  • Project Presentations: Rapid project presentations of priority projects, allowing developers to make targeted presentations focused on their needs and business opportunities.
  • Private Meetings: Pre-scheduled private meetings system allows registrants to pre-schedule up to 10 meetings with project sponsors and Forum speakers, for the second day of the Forum.
  • Workshops and Roundtables: Thought leader discussions and debates on critical issues, fundamental for thinking about and building great infrastructure.
  • Community Building: Receptions, Special Breakfasts, and especially GlobalViP allow you to build strong relationships with project developers and sponsors, and experts throughout the global infrastructure community.


GlobalViP (GViP)

GViP harnesses the energy of the Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series, taking it online for users to access 24/7/365.  GViP brings together nearly 1000 (10,000 by the end of 2014) infrastructure experts as a Just in Time resource for project managers to identify and access critical expertise - when they need it, and how they need it.  


GViP's algorithms cut down project development costs by 60%, and diminish the time required to develop a project by 50%.  This translates into significant costs savings -- and also generates productivity increases that exceed 100%. Join GViP and access this thriving community of infrastructure experts today.  


About Norman Anderson

As President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, Norman Anderson has 35+ years of competitive project identification, advising strategic infrastructure investment, and conducting regional analysis on energy projects worldwide.  As the Founder and President of CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc., Norman oversees the development and execution of CG/LA's proprietary analytic and regional infrastructure demand models, the successful Leadership Forum Series which selects, highlights, and hosts four regional events focused on infrastructure project investment.  He is a member of both the World Economic Forum's Global Advisory Council on Infrastructure and the Strategic Infrastructure Initiative and is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani.  








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CG/LA Infrastructure

The North American infrastructure market is poised for take-off, ready to ride the way of three fundamental economic transformations. First, the explosion in energy...